In the name of the law

Daily Service helps to translate legal requirements into a practical guideline During a meeting with the WKO and the Ministry of Women and Health the "Guideline for a good hygienic practice and the application of the principles of the Haccp in enterprises, which deals with the cold-cold logistics of frozen products" was revised. Guidelines serve to establish a common thread between the different legal requirements on the one hand and their practical implementation on the other. In the concrete guideline was supplemented by Daily Service: • Destruction-free temperature test in the goods receipt • Specify temperature measurement in local distribution • Requirements regarding handling, for example, pre-cooling trucks • Implementation of practical cleaning standards for logistics centers This avoids critical control points in deep-freezing systems. We are pleased to have been part of the initial guideline, as we have done before, in order to meet our requirements for a quality-oriented compliance with the cooling chain.

Storage and delivery completely CO²-neutral

For years, Daily Service set numerous implementing actions to reduce its CO² emissions. Now the company is Austria's first CO²-neutral frozen food logistics company. Constant investments in environmentally-friendly refrigeration systems or a special low-pollution truck fleet are a standard feature in the successful food logistics company, whose focus lies on frozenfood- and freshness zones. Now, Daily Service has gone a step further and has completely compensated its emissions with the purchase of climate certificates, which support financial climate protection projects. It is thus the first CO²-neutral frozen food logistics company in Austria and one of the first companies to offset its emissions voluntarily according to the Kyoto Protocol!