Catering and bulk consumer logistics

Frozen, cooled and dry: three temperature ranges, one truck. All goods delivered in one batch. With money collection if required.

Multi-temperature-range logistics is a real mouthful. We prefer to talk about “fresh & easy” in this context – our special service for caterers and bulk consumers. Customers who have very specific requirements:

Different business patterns depending on the season and the changing ranges this entails results in a high dynamism in the warehouse. Daily has developed special warehouse logistics to deal with this. These not only help to put goods in the right place, but also in the currently best place for quick and efficient access.

Special trucks are used for transportation; these have three separate controllable temperature ranges inside: a classic frozen range, a fresh range – where goods are kept cooled but not frozen – and a dry range.

This way, we ensure that the goods we delivery are stored under suitable conditions during transport and arrive at the customers as fresh as when they were loaded into our trucks. Which is the “fresh” part. Our service is “easy” because we can transport all goods to their destination at once thanks to these multi-temperature-range logistics and can also offer money collection. In addition, we offer our customers our very own delivery time window monitoring, which permits an accurate estimate of the delivery period.

You aren’t sure how long the products you have in stock will last? Our planning software supports you with information about previous sales – and you maintain a general overview.