The Daily Team wishes you and your family a happy Christmas and for the new year professional success, private happiness and, above all, health!

Trendresearch in the Frozenfood Logistic

Project description: Daily Service is one of Austria's leading companies in temperature-controlled food logistics for trade and industry. In a market in which developments such as Industry 4.0 are growing rapidly, there are a wide variety of technical trends and developments. As part of a corporate project by FH-Steyr students, it will now be possible to point out and then assess and analyze in detail various future trends that could affect the Daily Service. Participants:Dennert Raoul, Großbichler Dominik, Kohl Fabian, Zehetner Christian, Zoitl Felix

Happy New Year 2018

A new year means new hope, new light, new thoughts and new paths to achieve ones goals ... We wish you a good start into the year 2018!

Visit of Employees from Asten Municipality

This is also our DAILY Business. Not only the daily ongoing business belongs to our service, we are also proud of our company and like to show it. Due to this, we gladly welcomed a few employees from the Asten Municipality, who each year visit innovative companies in the area. A little Snack shouldn´t be missed during the presentation of our Company and following this a tour through our Warehouse. With this visit, the employees now have more understanding what long way a product has behind it, before it can be purchased in a shop. We also can proudly pass on a "big praise" to our employees in the warehouse and truck fleet for their daily performance.

In the name of the law

Daily Service helps to translate legal requirements into a practical guideline During a meeting with the WKO and the Ministry of Women and Health the "Guideline for a good hygienic practice and the application of the principles of the Haccp in enterprises, which deals with the cold-cold logistics of frozen products" was revised. Guidelines serve to establish a common thread between the different legal requirements on the one hand and their practical implementation on the other. In the concrete guideline was supplemented by Daily Service: • Destruction-free temperature test in the goods receipt • Specify temperature measurement in local distribution • Requirements regarding handling, for example, pre-cooling trucks • Implementation of practical cleaning standards for logistics centers This avoids critical control points in deep-freezing systems. We are pleased to have been part of the initial guideline, as we have done before, in order to meet our requirements for a quality-oriented compliance with the cooling chain.

Storage and delivery completely CO²-neutral

For years, Daily Service set numerous implementing actions to reduce its CO² emissions. Now the company is Austria's first CO²-neutral frozen food logistics company. Constant investments in environmentally-friendly refrigeration systems or a special low-pollution truck fleet are a standard feature in the successful food logistics company, whose focus lies on frozenfood- and freshness zones. Now, Daily Service has gone a step further and has completely compensated its emissions with the purchase of climate certificates, which support financial climate protection projects. It is thus the first CO²-neutral frozen food logistics company in Austria and one of the first companies to offset its emissions voluntarily according to the Kyoto Protocol!

Safe on the way to School!

Safe on the way to School! Daily Service is, as logistician, aware of the dangers of road traffic and the fact that our youngest as pedestrians are in need of special attention. Therefore, we decided to finance a speed indicator board to make critical traffic points such as school paths - in this case in the city of Enns - safer.

Safe technology for safe service

Safe technology requires safe technology. That is why Daily Service finalized the exchange of all automated racking systems last year, so that the next 20 million pallet movements will work smoothly. It was already a tiring task to install the over 15 meter high conveyors during operation. All the more pleasing to us is now the flawless and efficient operation.

25+1 Jahre Daily

25 + 1 years, so "young" is Daily Service. With the "1" we take the opportunity to set up the start-up glasses and the customer needs of the last 25 years for the next years. We are very pleased with our customer trust, but we also know how important the joint development of the future is.